Original Australian meat pies (300g)


(Chicken breast with spinach, sundried tomatoes and a dash of cream) - 89Kč


(Creamy turkey breasts with bacon, parmesan and mushrooms) - 95Kč


(Chicken breasts in curry sauce with bamboo shoots and coconut milk) - 89Kč


(Beef with onion and cheese) - 89Kč

BelzebubPálivé jídlo

(Beef, red beans, chilli, tomatoes) - 85Kč

Klokan (Kangaroo)

(Kangaroo meat wild) - 99Kč

Reznik (Butcher)Pálivé jídlo

(Lean pork cubes in our special spicy sauce) - 85Kč

MafianPálivé jídlo

(Spicy sausage with crushed tomatoes, mushrooms, olives and slice of mozzarella) - 79Kč

Pie of the Week

(By current offer) - 95Kč

Vegetarian pies (300g)

Pepek (Popeye)

(Spinach bomb of leaf spinach with mushrooms and cottage cheese) - 79Kč

Australian meat pie